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Back from a weeklong vacation in Japan. Spent most of the week in Nagoya with my parents and grandparents, just chilling, eating and shopping. Highlights of the trip included visiting my host family in Kyoto, eating an incredible 10-course meal at a tiny inn in the middle of nowhere, riding on the Shinkansen, singing a solo rendition of “Sekai no Hitotsu Dake no Hana” and “Fukai Mori” at a small izakaya, walking along Sanjo and Teramachi and seeing that nothing has changed, ingesting huge amounts of Calpis, Pocky G and Bisco, and getting scouted for a hostess club by a yobikomi. It was snowing in Nagoya, which is unusual, plus it was the heaviest snowfall Nagoya’s seen in 38 years. I hate the cold, but I have to admit that it’s pretty awesome soaking in a rotenburo (outdoor hot spring bath) with snowflakes falling on your bare shoulders.

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The rotenburo at Suisho Onsen.

Teaching my Dad how to make okonomiyaki.

At a kaitenzushi with the whole fam.

Near my grandparents’ house.

The snow ruined a lot of crops. After it melted away, this cabbage was the only thing left alive in field full of rotting, wilted vegetables.

My workaholic dad checking his e-mail at a conbini.

My grandma’s annoying dog Cherry.

My grandparents’ neighbors’ dog Julia. It’s really sad, they keep him chained outside all day, even when it’s snowing…

Julia trying to climb through the fence into my grandma’s yard.


Eating at a kaitenzushi with Yuka and my host dad.

Me and Yuka.

With my host mom and Faye.

I thought the dogs might not remember me, but Aina definitely did. The first thing she did when I got to the house was steal my jacket and chew on it.

Aina trying to steal more stuff

Good old Sanjo.

The SCTI kids’ favorite street corner. Natsukashii!


#1 bobber on 12.28.03 at 8:26 am

cute pix!!!!!!! the rotenburo looks so nice!

#2 shadowmantis on 12.28.03 at 9:34 am

http://www.stanford.edu/~jesskah/xanga/xmas03japan/jessaina.jpg  <- that’s so awesome. like you’re saying ‘dont steal my jacket, mr dog’

#3 trickshot on 12.29.03 at 10:41 am

wow! looks like an awesome time. never seen jessfam(tm) before, either, hehe. glad you had fun, hope you enjoy the rest of your winter break!

#4 MutsuriOtaku on 12.29.03 at 12:16 pm

Damn you for making me remember how much I miss Japan…

Haha, anyway, glad to see you’re having a great holiday.  I definitely agree with you about the being in a rotenburo while it’s snowing…I honestly think that’s why the Japanese came up with rotenburo in the first place. 

Guess it’s too late for me to ask you to say hi to your family for me, and that I’m sorry I missed out on the rotenburo last time…?@?…haha, anyway, enjoy the rest of your break.

#5 kiddo_smiley on 01.01.04 at 7:51 pm

UFB Time!!!! I want! I want! We need more time. *sniff*

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