Feeling: procrastinatory, overly caffeinated
Digesting:  2 double-shot white caffe mochas, 2 cups of diet coke
Listening to: “This Love” by Maroon 5
Wanting:  umm…sedatives?

Dunno why I’m up at 3:52am “studying” for a midterm for a class that I’m taking  pass/fail.  Actually I guess I’m not really studying…and I do know why I’m up, it’s cuz I drank so much damn coffee!

Ganked this pic from Chieze’s SJEC (Stanford Japanese Exchange Club) photo page.  There are like 20 people in this picture but somehow I’m the only person looking at the camera, haha.  What a dork.

I’m so glad I decided to participate in SJEC this year!  The Japanese student I’m hosting in my room, Shino Sonoda, is super awesome!  We get along really well and have a lot of random things in common.  We both have a passion for drawing, both like unpopular foods (uni, root beer, and some other ones but I can’t recall them right now), both have a few close girl frends and mostly guy friends, are very forgetful, own the same model of digital camera, both love cities and hate suburbs, bought the same presents for our ex-bf’s, are attracted to similar kinds of guys, both sleep very deeply, etc.  On the day we met we were even wearing the exact same pinstriped pants.  Coincidence…or FATE?!



#1 trickshot on 02.13.04 at 8:20 pm

…fate. glad you’re having fun!

#2 Cedrico on 02.15.04 at 7:12 am

u look very outstanding in that pic. haha i haven’t seen u for agess agess… happy valentine’s day..!! mine was not too bad… see u in hk soon!

#3 MasterCKO on 02.20.04 at 10:25 am

hey, check this out:

Completely opposite of yours. haha.

#4 MasterCKO on 02.20.04 at 10:26 am

d’oh, it didn’t post. Just check out my most recent Xanga entry to see what I’m talking about.

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