BBC Sex ID — What’s yours? has an interesting Sex ID test on their website.  It figures out where your brain lies on the male-female brain continuum, i.e. do you think more like a man or more like a woman?

It judges you on a scale of 100 Female to 100 Male, as shown below.

Women score an average of 50 on the Female side of the spectrum, whereas Men score an average of 50 on the Male side of a spectrum.

I got a 0 — smack in the middle between male and female.

What’s your score?


#1 timid on 06.12.07 at 12:02 am

I ended up more male–around a 25.  Weird.

#2 STF on 06.12.07 at 7:09 am

Zero for me!

#3 soulgrifter on 06.17.07 at 10:52 pm

Test was too long, so I quit halfway through. >_>
What’s the difference between a feminine vs a masculine mind? If you’re more feminine, does that mean you’re more creative, receptive, and passive?

In any case, it seems pretty accurate. I can see you as a 0. Ppl can chill with you as if you’re a guy, but cute enough that you’re a girl. ;)

#4 Bryckcity on 07.19.07 at 6:09 pm

Damn, I got 25 female. What the hell?

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