Google Maps draggable directions video #8 on YouTube

The Google Maps draggable directions video is the 8th most viewed video on YouTube in the last month!  It’s quickly catching up to Will It Blend? – iPhone , an awesome video of an iPhone being shattered into smithereens by a blender.  Part of me is really proud that Google Maps is #8, but the rest of me is embarrassed that 1.4 million people have seen me say “I hate traffic” in a really exaggerated way.

Strangely enough, at a party in San Francisco last weekend, some random guy stopped me and said, “Hey, you look familiar…wait, you’re the Google Maps girl!”  The funny thing was that I had noticed the guy earlier in the night because he happened to look exactly like my friend Jeff Kim. After chatting with the guy for a while, I realized that he was actually Jeff’s older brother, not just some random lookalike.  Small world.

Here’s Jed (Jeff’s brother), me and Eddy at the party.

Here’s an old photo of Eddy, me and Jeff back when we studied abroad in Japan together.  Note how Jeff & Jed look identical.

The theme of the party was “high school”, meaning dress like you used to in high school — a pretty lame theme.  I didn’t have any of my high school clothes, so I wore a cub scout shirt that I once bought on eBay.  Cub scouts are in elementary school, so I figured that was close enough.


#1 ckkelvin on 07.29.07 at 9:13 am

Hey Jess! You remember me? Kelvin? from 5th grade? lol…just wanted to say hi and..nice video (I hate traffic too)…hope all is well…

#2 Bryckcity on 07.30.07 at 11:16 am

You know what’s funny is that I’ve never even had Chilean Sea bass, and yet I use it as metaphor. But you know, it just sounds good. If a regular variety of fish, bass, has 2 qualifiers, then you knows it’s gots to be good. Lesson of the day from your truly.

You know why your video is ranked so high right? It’s cuz I posted it on my Facebook profile, which is a viral media 2.0 mogul in and of itself. word to your moms.

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