Sunshine and Simpsons

I was writing a comment on Mousa’s blog about the movie Sunshine , but my comment started to get really long, so I figured I might as well turn it into a blog post about the film.

I saw Sunshine last weekend.  It was fantastic.  Go see it!  Superb acting, interesting plot, lots of character development, and very beautiful, big-budget-like visuals.  It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting though.  I saw half of the trailer beforehand, and I mistakenly expected it to be a sci-fi action flick.  It turned out to be a sci-fi thriller with some very tense, frightening moments.  Sunshine was directed by Danny Boyle, the twisted mind behind 28 Days Later , so I should have guessed it’d be somewhat scary.

The premise of the film is that the sun is dying, so a team of 8 astronauts have been sent into space to launch a bomb that will re-ignite the sun.  Sounds very much like The Core or Armageddon , but the similarities end there between Sunshine and those 2 pieces of cinematic garbage.  The ship happens to be named Icarus, after the character from Greek mythology who fell to his death after his wings melted due to flying too close to the sun.  Can you say “foreshadowing”?  Needless to say, the mission doesn’t go very smoothly, so most of the movie is about the astronauts coping with the disastrous aftermath. 

The casting was great.  A large percentage of the cast happened to be Asian. There were 3 Asian actors — Michelle Yeoh ( Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ), Hiroyuki Sanada ( The Last Samurai ) and a guy I’ve never seen before called Benedict Wang. It also had Cliff Curtis (head of the FBI in Live Free or Die Hard ), who happens to be Maori, and Cillian Murphy, who is just awesome.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that Chris Evans (a.k.a. Johnny Storm, the most annoying part of The Fantastic Four franchise other than the fact that they didn’t have the balls to make Galactus into a giant guy with a funny hat, like he is in the comics) is quite capable of acting.

Sadly, Sunshine has only grossed $1.8 million in the US after 11 days in release.  This is unfortunate because it’s actually quite good and I’m sure it could have been more commercially successful if only it had been marketed more heavily.  Too bad they didn’t have the awesome Simpsons marketing machine behind it, converting 7-Elevens across America into Icarus spaceships. 

Go see it!


#1 soulgrifter on 08.02.07 at 10:31 pm

I just convinced more than a dozen ppl to watch it… so it’ll gross at least $120 more. =)

A picture of our mesmerizing sun…

#2 Seiko on 07.23.15 at 9:48 am

Nikki,Fantastic shots love the soft focus on the portraits and harsapriy shot. What a privilege to go to such a brave wedding. They looked stunning relaxed, healthy, youthful. You captured all of that they will be proud of your photos forever. I hope that you get many more funky weddings to do like that one! what a great career that would be. Well done.

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