Jimmy Eat World Concert

Tonight I saw Jimmy Eat World play at The Fillmore in San Francisco. I’ve been a big fan of Jimmy Eat World ever since the 8th grade (wow, that’s over 11 years ago), but I had never seen them perform live until tonight. As expected, they were awesome! The Fillmore is nice and small, so I got to see them up close. They played a few songs I had never heard before, including 3 songs from their new album Chase This Light that’s coming out next Tuesday — “Let It Happen”, “Always Be” and “Carry You”. “Let It Happen” is pretty good. Chase This Light somehow leaked onto the internet earlier this month, so you can download the whole album on PirateBay or listen to it on YouTube. I recommend buying it if you like it. The other song I had never heard before was “Disintegration”, which is a really good song from a 5-track EP they released in 2005.

Photos from the concert. They were taken on my Blackberry so the image quality sucks.“Disintegration” by Jimmy Eat World. This is a user-generated music video, not an official music video.

“Let It Happen” from their new album Chase This Light. If you like it, buy the album!

The person who got me into Jimmy Eat World in the first place was Kelvin Su. We used to hang out underneath the high school on the dirt slope that the high school was built on top of. We’d sit near the foundation pillars and just hang out and listen to music. Kelvin is probably the person who’s had the most influence on my taste in music.

I dug through some old photos and found this pic of me and Kelvin, circa 1999, junior year of high school.


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[…] this past weekend at the Fillmore. They rocked the house. If you don’t take my word for it, Jess also thought it was a pretty awesome concert […]

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