Polyvore Update

Wow, it’s been six months since I last updated this thing. Polyvore has been keeping me super busy! Thankfully, the startup life has turned out to be everything I hoped it would be and more (I’ll write more about that in a future post).

Polyvore is now at 8 full-time employees — 5 engineers, 1 bizdev person, 1 PR/marketing/community/office manager, and 1 PM (that’s me, although I spend most of my time writing code nowadays). Here’s a picture of us crowding around Jianing’s computer, celebrating the dropping of a table that reduced our overall db size and made the site much faster.

The other big update is that after almost a year of squatting with FriendFeed (thank you guys so much!), we finally got our own office on Castro St in Mountain View. It’s a huge retail space with floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of light. It’s definitely unique and the rent’s cheap, but the downside is that it lacks a kitchen and random people keep walking in because they think it’s a store.

Here are some shots of our new office. Keep in mind that we’re not done with decorating yet, so it looks kind of empty.


#1 Azeem on 09.23.08 at 11:09 pm

Good to see your blog getting updated . I was wondering if you quit Polyvore. Are you wearing Google Tshirt in the photo. HAHA maybe missing working at Google?

#2 taj on 09.26.08 at 12:07 am

glad to see that you’re enjoying polyvore, and congrats on the new office space. :)

#3 Pat Li on 09.27.08 at 11:50 am

Hey Jess! Didn’t know that you guys are now on Castro! Where on castro is it located? Congrats on finding a sweet spot there. Great location. :)

Noticed that you guys have a ping pong table as well. Do you guys play much? We should have a Raptr vs Polyvore game on a friday :).

#4 \/ /\ /\/ on 10.21.08 at 2:38 pm

That’s the old bikespring shop! Kinda an interesting location to have an office, but that does remind me of the good ‘ole “.com startup-esque” days. Let me guess, there’s also… free drinks, cup-o-noodles, and mrs. fields cookies, daily breaks to settle the score with some video game rivalries, jeans and t-shirts and sandals abound, and board meetings that degenerate into friendly banter about what to do next weekend… >HAHAHA< I definitely miss that environment…

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