4chan on Obama/McCain

I was curious to see if there was any election commentary on 4chan (the darkest corner of the internet) after the presidential debates. Here’s what I found in /b/ in one of the Photoshop threads.

If the candidates were search engines…

If the candidates were phones…

If the candidates were Star Wars characters…

If the candidates were video game consoles…

If the candidates were characters from Heroes…

If the candidates were 4chan memes…

If you recognize any of these obscure memes (I did not), you are a true /b/tard. The answers are IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER, Cockmongler, The Bayeux Tapestry, Epic Fail Guy.


#1 Chavy on 10.16.08 at 9:45 pm

Great Job!
Excellent analogy!! :)


#2 Y2 on 10.18.08 at 1:15 pm

wow, impressed with your bravery (or is it crazy) in entering the truly ‘darkest corner of the internets’
the bowels of the internet i like to call it. good find here pulled from the depths.

#3 Anonymous on 10.20.08 at 7:31 pm

Reported for breach of rules 1 & 2. We shall be in touch with you shortly…

#4 Kevin Chiu on 10.26.08 at 5:57 pm

You forgot this one: http://www.vulomedia.com/images/62548electiontrains.jpg

#5 Anonymous on 11.10.08 at 6:20 pm

man, you didn’t even get Epic Fail Guy? Epic fail.

#6 P3epe on 11.24.08 at 10:01 pm

Did you see the ones with Joe and Sara during the debates? Some of those were great.

#7 Yu-kai Chou on 04.22.10 at 11:40 am

Haha, this is way too funny. Definitely a share on Twitter. I love how Sarah Palin is the equivalent of a joke, and McCain is the equivalent of an outdated technology.

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