Hello again, world

It’s been 2 years since I updated my blog.

What’s happened since then?

The end of my 20’s. I turned 30 a few weeks ago.

I got married to my best friend last year. The wedding was beautiful on the outside, but very nerdy on the inside. Our vows mentioned emacs. There were guests dressed in Star Wars cosplay. It was the perfect day, shared with all my favorite people in the world.

I became CEO of Polyvore in January of this year. My role continues to evolve as the company grows. We recently hit 18 million visitors a month and are now both profitable AND cash-flow positive. Yes, we’re that rare consumer web startup that actually pays taxes. We were also chosen as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies in 2011, Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2012, and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 just this month.

(We’re hiring, btw.)

Resolutions for year 30 —

Going to try to blog more, at least once a month. Especially about startup stuff. I feel like what’s missing from the Silicon Valley dialogue is the authentic, honest truth about how hard it is to run a startup. All you read about on TechCrunch is the glory.

Healthy living. Those of you who know me know I subsist on coffee and small quantities of very fatty foods. While I can’t promise to start eating vegetables, at the very least I’m going to try to exercise regularly. Yoga Belly, anyone?

Drawing. I will produce 1 drawing a month and post it here. No promises about the quality of said drawings.


#1 Mel on 11.02.12 at 11:34 am

Looking forward to more blog posts and am down for more yoga!! : )

#2 hunter walk on 11.04.12 at 9:09 am

all wonderful – both the look backwards and the resolutions going forward!

#3 sep on 11.27.12 at 9:15 pm

i just found out about you. techcrunch vid (funny). i think you are really cool. congratulations!

#4 Gurpreet on 12.10.12 at 4:48 am

like your’s blog posts.
these are inspirational. keep posting !

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